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About Barbie Goddesses

The goddess Athena, known for both her ferocity and wisdom, watched over those in battle while Aphrodite, the goddess of love, nearly brought the gods to war over her beauty. These traits are represented in the Barbie Goddess line. A favorite for collectors, these unique limited-edition dolls are fashioned after the goddesses from myths and stories. In the Greek Goddess Barbie line, the doll dressed as Athena is ready for battle with a spear, helmet, and shield while her clothing reflects typical Barbie style with knee-high gold boots and a black chain-mail dress covered in golden armor. As Aphrodite, Barbie stuns in a fitted dress with her hair done in a complex style and accessories like heels and a delicate necklace. Goddess of the Galaxy Barbie has come from the future to rule the world. Wearing a metallic corset bedecked with jewels, a long cape, and thigh-high silver boots, Barbie certainly looks the part. Her futuristic make-up and accessories complete the look. Rare pieces from the Barbie Goddess line and are sought after more as collectibles than toys. Find your own Goddess doll on eBay from reliable sellers who offer convenient shipping options around the world.