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About Barbie Dream House

Barbie likes to dream big, making no exception for her living quarters. Barbie dream houses include extravagant accommodations such as mini palaces and multi-floor mansions, perfectly matching the iconic doll's feminine flair and outgoing personality. Barbie dream houses date back to the 1960s. Like good parents, Mattel, the company responsible for making Barbie, gives her a comfortable place to live. Since the 1960s, Mattel has made several Barbie homes. Each edition features plenty of room and luxurious amenities. A vintage Barbie dream house features wooden furniture, tiled floors, and furniture in red, mustard yellow, and vibrant blue colors. They feature open designs, letting you move Barbie throughout the house as you please. She can enter through a swinging front door, climb stairs, and even relax on an assortment of Barbie furniture such as sofas, beds, and dining room chairs. For a contemporary home, consider the Barbie three-story dream house. This house stands over 3 feet tall after assembly. Young girls can play with Barbie at face level on the third floor, which includes Barbie's bedroom. The second floor features an elegant living room with fireplace and curtains, and a small bathroom with a shower, sink, and toilet on the side. The first floor contains an open kitchen and dining room for Barbie's entertaining needs. She moves among the floors in an elevator and enjoys the lights and sounds within the battery-powered home. The vast inventory of items available on eBay gives you many different options to choose from.