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About Barbie Costumes

As you brush her long hair, your daughter's face lights up as her idea of a new hair style comes to life. Your daughter's imagination runs wild and deep as she plays with her Barbie doll, and a Barbie costume can keep the fun going. Dressing up just like her own Barbie doll is exactly the way your daughter wants to spend her weekend. Each Barbie cheerleader costume comes with a pink Barbie dress and pom poms. The dress is made from a satin material and is sleek and comfortable for extended wear. The pom poms each have a handle to hold on to while cheering. If you feel like joining your daughter, you can pick up a women's Barbie costume. Each women's costume comes with a dress and matching pom poms. The sizes vary from small to large and you can choose from a variety of available colors including pink, white, black, and more. The reliable sellers on eBay have a large selection of Barbie costumes for you to choose from. Enjoy your imagination again and play dress-up with your daughter.