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About Barbie Collectors

March 9, 1959 — any devoted Barbie collector knows that this is the date the first Barbie was introduced and the original fashion doll's official birthday. More than 50 years later, Barbie continues to capture the hearts of doll collectors young and old who are swept into this character's fantasy life. Innumerable books have been written on the subject of collecting Barbie dolls, chronicling the doll's changing looks, story line, and tremendous assortment of accessories. For those dedicated only to collecting the actual dolls and accessories, the options are seemingly endless. Start building a collection of Barbie dolls that show off her myriad careers, from astronaut to school teacher, and horse trainer to babysitter. Create a display of different cultures with dolls designed as an exploration of the world with gorgeous clothes that illustrate the tastes and traditions of different countries. You can even start building your own Barbie family with the original doll, her sister Skipper, her long-time love Ken, and their various friends. You can even find special edition dolls that show Barbie and Ken as grandparents with their own tiny grandchildren to love. Explore the vast inventory on eBay to find Barbies and accessories perfect for the Barbie collector in your life.