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About Barbie Collections

She has enough clothes, shoes, and accessories to make even a real-life princess jealous, and her incredible style never misses. Celebrate an American icon with collectible Barbie dolls that highlight the doll's evolution over the years. A vintage Barbie doll collection includes dolls in the famous black and white bathing suit and matching shoes and sunglasses that launched Barbie's career as a style icon. Rare vintage dolls hold high value and are sought after by collectors. Never is Barbie in better form then when she is dressed up for the holidays. Looking like she is ready to attend a gala or ball thrown by royalty, Barbie never disappoints in elaborate floor-length gowns and sparkly accents. The Holiday Barbie collection features the bombshell in various outfits including a gold gown covered by a Victorian style red velvet coat accented with gold trim and white fur. Her fur cap with a bow makes it look like Barbie is ready to step into a Dickens-style holiday movie. Find a large selection of new and pre-owned collectible Barbie dolls on eBay. Display your dolls and give the Paris runway a run for its money.