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Shop the extensive inventory of dolls and vintage Barbie clothing pre-1973!

About Barbie Cases

Playing Barbie with your friends requires toting your dolls and all of their accessories from one location to the next. With a Barbie case, you can keep your dolls safe, and all of the accessories together. A Barbie doll case also allows you to carry multiple Barbie dolls at one time. However, if you need to carry a wardrobe and shoes, look for a case with drawers and a pole to hang the outfits on. You can find a vintage Barbie case with the original Barbie clothing pictured, or you can shop for cases in brand new condition, from reliable sellers on eBay. Young girls traveling to their friends' home or on vacation have used Barbie cases for years. They give you the ability to keep everything organized and in great condition from the moment you place the toys in the case until the moment you pull them out. Never wonder where a shoe disappeared, or how to make sure you keep the purses, necklaces, or hairbands from getting lost in transport. A Barbie case is designed to hold it all.