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About Barbie Cars

When she leaves home, Barbie cars take the iconic doll's show on the road. These stylish automobiles include vintage cars and contemporary convertibles, with drop tops and shiny chrome wheels to emulate the fun and flirty style that Barbie herself champions. This doll family includes conventionally beautiful figures with blonde, red, black, and brown hair; characteristic wide, expressive eyes; dazzling smiles; and impeccable makeup. Barbie dolls pack plenty of spirit, too. They drive glamorous sporty cars, which come in a variety of colors. Some Barbie doll cars match certain girls, such as Malibu Barbie's pink convertible. Some cars come in plastic and roll along the floor when pushed. Others come in metal and operate via remote control. These cars make great play items or collector items. Browse the vast inventory of Barbie cars on eBay for various models, styles, and colors to find what suits your Barbie best. These cars include classic generic convertibles, specific cars such as Jaguars and Mercedes-Benz, and newer vehicle models like the Volkswagen Beetle. You can even double the fun by getting a car for Ken. He prefers a red-hot Mini Cooper.