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About Barbie Basics

Barbie has certainly matured since you sat on your pink shag carpet dressing her in far-out clothes and snipping her hair. First released in 2010, Barbie Basics is a line of dolls, fashions, and accessories issued for adult collectors. One thing that has not changed about Barbie is her love of high fashion. Fill her closet with Barbie Basics clothes and accessories from the various fashion collections produced for the "Model Muse" body sculpt. Choose a yellow swimsuit with beach bag and slippers, a pair of dark denim skinny jeans, or a Barbie Basics Red Collection accessories pack, complete with red vinyl jacket and six pairs of funky shoes. Another thing that has not changed about Barbie is her love for that vinyl hunk, Ken. Be sure to pick up a Barbie Basics Ken to accompany Barbie on her evenings out and walk her down the red carpet. Choose a Caucasian or African-American Ken, and pack a couple of outfits for him to make him presentable. You can depend on reliable sellers on eBay for the oldest and newest Barbie Basics collectibles.