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About Bape

You can show the world how much you love apes with clothing from BAPE. The Bathing Ape product line by Nigo features designs for men, women, and kids of all ages, and you can purchase these products in new or used condition from the reliable sellers on eBay. You can find T-shirts in this line with a variety of logos. The T-shirt designs sometimes mock other graphic tees and feature popular characters, such as Baby Milo. In addition to the BAPE shirts, the company creates other fashion accessories, such as a BAPE hat or watch. Hats are available as ball caps, as well as beanies, bucket hats, and face masks. You can purchase a brand new watch, which may become a collectible if kept in excellent condition. Available in a variety of fun colors, such as purple, red, and camo, the G-shock watch design made by Casio features a silicon covering that handles the abuse that an active lifestyle puts on it. Get your ape on with any of these fun designs and styles from BAPE.