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About Banksy

Nobody knows who he is — or whether "he" is actually "she" or "they." Banksy is as well known for mystery as for creative, energetic, and irreverent street art. What is not a mystery, however, is that any wall looks better with a piece of thought-provoking, sleek stencil design. Perhaps the most iconic is the "Balloon Girl" image, featuring a young child releasing a red heart-shaped balloon. Whether it represents to you lost love, childhood innocence, or simply incredible artistic technique, this poster is the perfect choice for decorating any modern living or working space. "One Original Thought" features a stenciled figure of a child scribbling a quote on a brick wall in crayon, in a work that is self-referential and intentionally perhaps a bit ironic. These and many more of the artist's designs are available in the vast inventory on eBay as giclee canvas prints. Giclee uses the smallest of ink droplets to reproduce images without any visible dot, creating museum-quality reprints that retain the subtle details or the original work. By definition, you cannot bring street art inside — but with a Banksy reprint, you can bring a little bit of edgy spirit, dark humor, and street energy to your home or office.