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About Banjo Clocks

Originally marketed in the 1800s as "improved timepieces," banjo clocks have white, round faces, and thin necks that taper down to end at square-shaped bases. Those characteristics mean these timepieces look a lot like the Americana instruments known for their twang. Look through the vast inventory on eBay and discover beautiful antique clocks that instantly add charm to any room of a home. Find some that include keys so you can rewind the clocks every eight days and help them keep accurate time. Others mount on the wall and feature wood casings decorated with painted floral designs. Check out clocks made by New Haven to benefit from timepieces made by a leading manufacturer of the day. Choose one with a painted wildlife or landscape scene on the bottom part of the clock that includes a hinged door, or sort through banjo clocks that have chimes to pleasantly mark the passing of each hour. Clocks are great ways to add functional elegance to your residence, and because these varieties were so popular over two centuries ago, they are also wonderful conversation starters.