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About Bane Mask

One of the highest grossing films of all time, "The Dark Knight Rises" is a true pop-culture classic. With realistic Bane masks available for purchase, partygoers are able to mimic the brutal and sadistic nemesis of the Dark Knight. In the popular comic book series, Bane is most famous as the villain that broke Batman's back, leaving him crippled for a prolonged period of time. As intelligent as Dr. Edward Nigma or the Penguin, but possessed with incredible strength thanks to his super-strength steroid serum, Bane proved himself to be a deadly and dangerous adversary. Fans of "The Dark Knight Rises" that wish to rock a Bane outfit at the next costume party can do so with the simple addition of a realistic Bane mask and a trench coat, which is a relatively simple but extremely effective look. Whether you are looking for authentic Bane masks or another Batman related costume, you are sure to find a huge range of quality themed costumes on eBay.