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About Bandana Shirts

Often featuring wild and completely outrageous prints, bandanas around the neck always attract attention, and a colorful bandana shirt takes the bold look a step farther. Bandanas have served as an edgy accessory since the cattle rustling days of the Wild West, and the edginess continues in the form of fashion forward shirts. Numerous possibilities are available with bold patterns and bright colors such as bright orange, scarlet red, royal blue, and lime green. A paisley bandana shirt features the popular and fashionable print with either large or small paisleys. Designs with swirls, flowers, and zigzag patterns are also available. If you want to create a look that is a blast from the past, choose a vintage bandana shirt that mimics the look of a 1960s style button-up blouse or a 1990s nautical print shirt. Vintage shirts are available as authentic, gently used originals or as modern versions with a synthesized distressed look. With a little searching on eBay, you can easily find a bandana shirt in the exact pattern and color you need to suit almost any look.