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About Bandai

If you have never heard of them, you should pay attention. Bandai, founded in 1950, is the third-largest toy manufacturer on the planet, producing virtually endless lines of children's toys, hobbies, and entertainment that seek to "capture children's imaginative spirit and provide endless fun for the future." Surprise the kids or treat yourself to a cool, highly collectible Bandai robot, like a Deluxe Daitarn-3 Space Fighter with Battle Tank accessories or a limited edition Soul Of Chogokin GX-04B UFO Robo Grendizer. If you like the robots, you will flip over the monsters. Bring home, at your own risk, a 2005 SpaceGodzilla action figure, 2006's Hedorah the Smog Monster, or a 2000 Godzilla Millennium Monster. If your interests are more down to earth, select a Bandai car, like a sleek gold 1962 Ford Thunderbird emblazoned with red racing stripes, a shiny brown, friction-driven Jaguar XKE, or a vintage 1940 Bandai friction-driven, three-wheeled toy car. Explore the huge selection of these Bandai product lines, and so many more, offered by the reliable vendors on eBay.