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It's a wrap. The body-hugging bandage dress is designed to make your silhouette pop, with layers of tightly wrapped, curve-contouring fabric. Look like a vixen swathed in a glittery gold dress, or ooze feminine charm in strips of pink silk. When you're not afraid to flaunt it all, choose shape-showing garb fit for a star.

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About Bandage Dress

A bandage dress shows a woman's every curve to advantage. Made popular by designer Hervé Léger, the bandage dress is a form-fitting garment that looks like it's sewn from multiple horizontal strips of fabric that slightly overlap. It may sound like a niche style, but there are plenty of variations on the bandage dress. For example, some designers rim each layer of fabric in crystals or rhinestones, which makes for a blinged-out party dress perfect for the club. An ombre bandage dress features a beautiful color gradient, with each layer of fabric gradually deepening or lightening in intensity. These garments come in strapless, tank top, or long-sleeve varieties, and the fabric choices are seemingly endless. From luxe satins to delicate lace and stretchy spandex, some fabrics lend themselves to formal dinners and galas, while others are casual enough to wear to an backyard barbecue. Elongate your silhouette by wearing sky-high heels, and accessorize with one statement jewelry piece. Find the right bandage dress for you by browsing the huge selection of new and used styles on eBay.