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About Band Saws

You promised the kids you would build them a tree house, but it turns out a tiny tree based shack is a little more work than you thought. If you have been busting your hump working through all that wood, a band saw may be the answer to your prayers. A band saw is a special kind of powered saw, which uses a blade that has a continuous band of metal along one edge. This allows the blade to cut even large pieces of wood incredibly fast, as there is no time wasted by reversing the movement of the saw after each pass of the blade. Unlike a conventional saw, the band saw produces a uniform cutting action perfect for cutting irregular and curved shapes as well as straight cuts. Band saws come in many different sizes too, and a portable band saw is perfect for taking out on a job, or even up a tree. Whether you are looking for a large static band saw, a replacement band saw blade, or a smaller portable option, you can find everything you need on eBay from trusted sellers.

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