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About Banana Clips

Elongated unique ponytails of the 1970s owe their surreal look to a distinctive hair tool – the banana clip. This two-comb hair clip gained popularity due to its rare shape and exclusive style and is still popular among the fashion-oriented. Use this clip to achieve the classic long ponytail or create different hairstyles. You will find a vast inventory of these clips on eBay, including banana hair clip lots for bulk purchasing. If you have friends who like to play with different hairstyles, these hair accessories make perfect gifts. Use them to bunch up long curls on one side or clip them right in the middle for added flair. Wear your hair up with a rhinestone banana hair clip for a formal occasion. You can even add beads and rhinestones to your hair to match the clips. Use these clips to achieve retro hairstyles like pinned-up perms and high ponytails. If you have dark hair, use a black or dark brown banana clip to blend with your hair, or try a contrasting shade for a striking look. Blonde-haired women can accentuate the different shades in their hair by letting the two combs naturally highlight their locks.