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About Baltic Amber

A love of earthy color and materials with rich and storied history will lead you to jewelry crafted from beautiful Baltic amber. Available in hues ranging from the pale tint of iced tea to the rich undertones of polished mahogany, Baltic amber can never be described as simple brown of shade. Some examples are even the creamy opaque tone of a rich latte. This stone is the result of hundreds of thousands of years spent underground, and some examples even hold tiny specimens of ancient life in the form of elegantly preserved insects and flora. Talk about a piece of jewelry that is utterly unique. You can find new or previously owned Baltic amber pieces for sale on eBay. They range from simple stones to exquisite jewelry pieces, from a gradient string of beads to a bold and ornate Baltic amber pendant. Vintage Baltic amber is a beautiful way to invest in history on top of history. Alternative medicine enthusiasts even credit this special stone with relieving joint pain and stress. What's not to love?