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About Ball Watches

Often tragedy can lead to some of the most impressive innovations, and such is definitely the case with Ball watches. In 1891, two trains collided because the engineer's watch failed. Webb C. Ball, known for his jewelry-making skills, became the Chief Time Inspector, and wanted to develop a watch that would offer precision timekeeping. The resulting watches were resistant to magnetism and extremely reliable. Vintage Ball watches are still accurate timepieces, but they are a fashion statement as well. Railroad workers often used pocket watches, so there are many of these from which to choose. If you or a loved one enjoy steampunk accessories, watches from Ball really fit that look perfectly. Antique watches, in particular, are excellent for creating the steampunk effect. Ball pendant watches, which hang from chains with decorative embellishments, make fantastic and unique gifts. A Ball pendant watch is the perfect combination of a beautiful accessory with a practical and effective timepiece. On eBay, various sellers offer a wide range of Ball watches, so you are sure to find something special for yourself or a loved one.