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About Bali Silver

One way to summon the deep spirit and rich culture of Bali when you're thousands of miles away is with Bali silver jewelry. On the famous Indonesian "Island of the Gods," you'll encounter pristine beaches, lush tropical mountains, Hindu temples, and colorful and traditional clothing, dances, and festivals. One of Bali's most appreciated exports, though, remains its silver crafts, as legions of artisans make their home on the island, and many of them render silver pieces by hand. Their work often features intricate detailing that takes a single silversmith hours to create, and when you look at a bracelet, ring, or necklace made of Bali silver, you know that a great deal of effort, attention, and care went into producing it. Although there's no place more scenic to shop for Bali silver than on the island itself, you don't have to go all the way there to purchase one of these pieces. When you simply type "Bali silver" into the eBay search field, plenty of results for beautiful new and pre-owned pieces appears, and with just a few quick clicks, your next piece of chic jewelry could be on its way to you, bringing with it some of that interminable Bali spirit.