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About Bakugan

You lay out your metallic gate cards and select your Bakugan warrior: A plastic ball with a hidden surprise. You are ready for battle. With a flourish, you unleash your Bakugan. It rolls across the arena until it hits the gate card, at which point magnets inside the toy release spring-loaded catches. What at first looked like a simple ball, pops open to reveal a robotic Bakugan Dragonoid bristling with weaponry. Your opponent unleashes his own Bakugan piece. Who knows what will happen next? The exciting world of Bakugan toys is easy to get into. The game is inventive and quick to learn, and children will love amassing an army of robot warriors to fight in the arena. If you are looking for Bakugan figures and cards, including early rare cards that are no longer in production, the reliable sellers on eBay can help. They have a massive inventory of toys in new and used condition, perfect for anyone new to Bakugan, or old-hands looking to expand an existing collection.

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