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About Bakelite Bracelets

Want fun, colorful, and stylish jewelry without paying too much? Then check out Bakelite bracelet, necklace, and earring styles in a wide range of colors. Invented in 1909, Bakelite is lightweight, moldable, and easy to carve, making it extremely versatile. The material also comes in either solid colors or a beautiful blending for a marbled effect and it holds a lovely shine. Available in new and gently used condition on eBay, Bakelite bracelet types include bangles, stretch types, clampers, and more. For those wanting a little extra bling, Bakelite rhinestone bracelet choices feature the sturdy plastic ring with attractive stones embedded inside. Clear stones really shine out from cream or dark backgrounds and colored rhinestones add a lovely contrast to green, red, or white plastic. Since this type of jewelry was popular in the 1930s and 1940s, vintage Bakelite bracelet choices are available as well including two-toned, carved, and tile stretch types. Great for every day, casual wear, these trinkets add color to your jewelry box without draining your pocketbook. Therefore, you can pick up a range of bracelets to match your favorite clothes.

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