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About Baja Hoodies

You shake the water from your hair, brush the sand off your suit, stow your board away, and slip on your Baja-style hoodie to warm up in the cool breeze. Nothing compares to catching a good wave and heading home, and nothing completes the surfer mentality and style more than the Baja hoodie. Baja-style clothing made its first appearances on the Californian scene in the 1970s as surfers traveled back and forth to Baja California, Mexico. They offer supreme comfort and warmth for a wet surfer on a cool weather day without overheating like traditional sweaters, jackets, and hoodies. Browse the immense selection on eBay to find the right Baja hoodie for your individual style and taste. For a real throwback, choose a vintage Baja hoodie for that worn appeal that looks like you have had it since its introduction decades ago. The traditional Mexican Baja hoodie features one large pocket in front, but you can also find other styles, such as zippered and two-pocket versions. You do not have to be a surfer to flaunt the popular laid-back style, so feel free to get your Baja hoodie no matter where you live.