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About Bachmann

Every Christmas memory you have is centered on that train set that dad always set up around the tree. It was a Bachmann set for sure, and just the thought of it makes you smile. Now it is time to pass those memories on to your kids with their very own Bachmann train set. While they do make more than trains, they are mostly known for the railroad classics. They come in different scales from Z to G, and the right one for you depends on many factors including how much space you have and how old your kids are, among others. Z scale is the smallest at a 1/220 scale of a life size train car. These are really small and fascinating, but may not be good for young children. The most common size is HO, or half O, these are 1/87 scale and you will find the most variety in this size. G scale is the largest at 1/22.5. With cars almost 8 inches high, it takes a good amount of space to set up one of these Bachmann trains. Search the trusted sellers on eBay to find a large selection of Bachmann items, from train cars of different sizes and styles to railroad and scenery pieces. They also have the knowledge base to answer your questions and get you started making memories today.