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About Bach Stradivarius Trumpet

With a Bach Stradivarius trumpet, you can proudly toot your horn anytime, anywhere. These magnificent instruments come from artisan instrument maker Vincent Bach, a musician and engineer producing instruments since the late 1800s. Bach initially played and produced string instruments, but switched mid-career to trumpet playing and production instead. Today, you can find a Bach Stradivarius trumpet for personal use and display. These instruments come in various categories, ranging from student through professional. The intermediate instruments feature a large bore, two-piece wire bell, metal pistons, round bronze valve strings, a slide thumb hook on the first valve, nickel silver tuners, a Stradivarius brass valve casing, and beautiful bell. This instrument, like others in the family, comes with a shiny polish, affording protection from the elements and providing aesthetic appeal. You might select a professional-grade instrument like the Bach Stradivarius trumpet LR, featuring a crisp sound, light weight, and quick response. For a novice, consider a Bach Stradivarius used trumpet, which lets you experience the joys of these instruments without going bankrupt. In addition to the trumpets, you can find handy accessories like carrying cases, cleaning cloths, and polishes in the vast inventory on eBay.