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About Babylock Sergers

Sewing is a great way to get unique clothes that fit like a glove, but most sewing machines do not offer the same professional look that store-bought clothes have. Baby Lock servers give your homemade items that polished, finished look, letting you create your own designer duds at home. Servers use several threads, instead of just two, to produce overlock seams, which seal in edges and prevent raveling. You can also use them to sew rolled hems, chain stitches, and other practical stitches. These machines also trim edges as you sew, which cuts precious minutes from your working time. Many Baby Lock serger machines let you sew decorative stitches, offering a haute couture edge to your home-sewn garments. You can choose from four-, five-, or eight-thread options to create a wide variety of stitches. You can also use a variety of Baby Lock serger feet to help create specialty hems, seams, and decorative stitches. Whether you are a professional seamstress who creates custom clothing for stylish clients or you are a dedicated DIYer, you can find a large inventory of Baby Lock sergers on eBay.