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About Baby Walker

When your little one is getting ready to walk, he or she instantly reaches for your hand or the furniture. To help him or her gain independence, invest in a baby walker. A push walker is ideal for toddlers who are already mobile as they can hold onto something while scampering around the house. For a baby who is not yet mobile, opt for baby walker cars with wheels that allows babies to use their feet to move throughout the room and look like they are driving. Most baby walkers have grip pads on the bottom for safety and have three height settings to adjust for your growing baby. For toddlers who have advanced from walkers, a harness is another option to consider. Simply place your baby in the harness, stand up straight, and hold a bar that attaches to elastics to help your little one move about. These baby walkers help with the transition from crawling to walking safely and easily, and some even have toy stations to keep your baby occupied while taking a walking break. Browse the vast inventory of baby walkers available on eBay.