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About Baby Carriers

When your baby is colicky, the only thing that seems to soothe her is carrying her around. Thank goodness there are many different types of baby carriers on the market today. Many parents find that a front sling reduces colic. On eBay, you can find thousands of options in a variety of styles. The Ergo baby carrier is available in sport, organic, and performance models. With an infant insert for newborns, new parents can use these baby carriers in the first month. Slings are becoming increasingly popular with parents who like to keep their little ones close and their hands free at the same time. Newborn baby slings often come in a sling-wrap, cradle-pouch style worn over one shoulder and under the other arm. A backpack rider sling can be worn either over the shoulder with two straps or over both shoulders like a front backpack. With a huge inventory of baby carriers from reliable sellers on eBay, a little peace and quiet could be just around the corner.

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