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Feeding time is a great opportunity to bond with your baby, and having the right baby bottles is a must. From specialty nipples to glass bottles, there are a variety of choices. Find out more on how to select baby bottles that work best for you.

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About Baby Bottles

Baby bottles are often a cure-all for young babies. New parents know that a warm bottle provides a magic cure for an otherwise irritable baby. Bottles serve as soft teething devices, sources of food, and calming entertainment for babies. Bottles are so ingrained in American culture that they even come with many baby dolls so youngsters can play mommy and daddy. New moms and dads can find a diverse selection of baby bottles on eBay. Popular brands include Playtex, Gerber, and Evenflo baby bottles. Some plastic and glass designs are expressly for the breastfed baby. Considering the average baby enjoys a fresh liquid meal anywhere from 8 to 12 times per day, it is wise to have plenty of bottles on hand. Inexpensive baby bottle lots help parents build up a nice supply, and the choices include clear, solid color, and designer bottles.