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About Babolat

You might not be able to thump the ball like Rafa Nadal or Agnieszka Radwanska, but that doesn't mean that their Babolat gear won't help to boost your own game. This French company has been producing racquet strings since 1875, in the process outfitting numerous champions since expanding into a fuller range of tennis equipment in 1994. The company makes racquets to suit every level and style of play, so you should have no trouble finding a model that offers the right mix of power, control, spin, and comfort. For instance, the Babolat Aero series of racquets has become especially popular with pros and amateurs alike, with the AeroPro Drive being Rafa's club of choice. Babolat also makes the strings that your racquet needs to actually hit the ball, allowing you to put topspin in for extra English or wide-gauge synthetic gut to handle your big first serve. You can check eBay's large selection of new and used Babolat racquets and use the site as your source for shoes and replacement strings. Additionally, if you own more than one racquet, don't forget the big, bad Babolat bag you need to mess with your opponent's head before the match even begins.