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About B16 Transmission

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The 1989 Honda Civic SIR changed the automotive market thanks to its engine. The DOHC VTEC engine is coupled with a short-geared 5-speed B16 transmission is what makes this lightweight car a force to be reckoned with. The original engine uses a B16 cable transmission. This gearbox does not have a hydraulic pump, but instead uses a series to cables for actuation of the clutch pedal. The EM2 Civic model uses a hydraulic clutch system which pumps fluid through lines to activate the clutch disk and switch through the gears. Both systems employ a stiff pedal, but hydraulic clutches are susceptible to air in the lines, and cable clutches have to be adjusted to maintain a tighter position. LSD (Limited Slip Differential) options allows the car to gain better traction during high speed situations. The LSD adjusts to the driving surface of the car which gains you better corning ability, brake control, and faster acceleration. So, find your next B16 transmission with LSD through the large inventory of gearboxes available on eBay.