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About B16 Head

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Your foot presses down on the clutch pedal as your quickly shift from second to third gear. The B16 head begins to roar as the VTEC engages and pushes your Honda Civic to the limit. Since 1989, the B16A head continues to out perform its competitors. A B16 head utilizes the patented Honda VTEC system. VTEC, or variable valve timing and lift electronic control, uses two specialized cam profiles that engage at certain RPM ranges. When engaged, the valve lifter fully opens, dramatically increasing the airflow and power of the engine. The B16A engine is the first generation model, featured in the 1989 Honda Civic SI-R. The head provides the proper air flow necessary to manage 158 horsepower at 112 lbs. per foot of torque. The engine uses the OBD0 computer system, unlike its successor, the B16A2. The B16A2 head is found in EM2 model Honda Civic Si cars and uses an OBD2 computer system. The engine manages a 2 horsepower increase and engages VTEC at 5600 RPM. Find your replacement through the large inventory of B16 engine heads available on eBay.