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About B&W Hitch

If you are getting ready to haul a camper for a long vacation, horse trailer for that riding competition, or trailer full of band equipment for that cross-country tour, look into a reliable B&W hitch. They come in a variety of styles and types to fit your vehicle within the vast inventory on eBay. A B&W gooseneck hitch is one classic design. You can also find a turnover gooseneck hitch extender which moves the pivot point four inches back, allowing for more cab clearance. You can easily remove it, when necessary. It has a 20000 pound capacity and is made with heavy-duty 3/4-inch plating with a solid shank. You can also find models such as the B&W 1108 hitch, which allows you to convert your hitch into a level bed by turning the gooseneck over in a matter of seconds. This feature prevents the hitch from presenting an obstruction when not in use. Installation requires no drilling or welding. Instead, it uses bolts that fit pre-existing holes in the truck bed, providing easy installation. Find the B&W hitch for you and be ready to haul whatever you need.