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About B Series

You know the feeling. The revving roars of your B series car as you blast down the road letting the car become an extension of your body. Here is your haven, and the road and your car are all that matters. Getting dirty, fixing your car, and making things work are all part of building your Honda B series engine. Hot Rodding lives through the ideas you incorporate into your car, and how you can take an everyday vehicle and make it unique. Installing a B series turbo increases the performance capability and gives you more horsepower. A turbocharger allows more air to flow through your engine at a faster rate, giving you a boost in horsepower. Along with a turbo, you need a manifold, intercooler, piping, and more to make it reliable. Reliable sellers on eBay offer inventories of all the B series products you need to give your car the independent status you crave. They offer new and used parts and accessories, paired with convenient shipping options so you can spend more time building your dream car and less time waiting.