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About Aztec Prints

Their great ziggurats are empty, and their altars are bare, but just as the Aztec people live on, so does their gorgeous geometrical art and its long history of decorating clothing. Aztec print is a large subset of fashion involving the printing or embroidery of complementary, contrasting, or interlacing geometrical designs. Triangles within triangles are a common motif for an Aztec print shirt, as are tooth-like lines of alternating directional vertices. An Aztec print sweater is embroidered to mimic these stylistic choices, resulting in a vibrant and eye-catching system of patterns that can be mesmerizing to behold. It is a style of art with enormous traction and popularity around the world, and the reds, whites, blacks, yellows, and blues that are commonly used mean that any piece of clothing decorated in an Aztec motif stays in style throughout spring, summer, and autumn. Cooler color palettes for winter are less common, but they are out there. You can find Aztec print clothing in the vast inventory of clothing on eBay.

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