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Shop the large inventory of decorative collectibles and Avon collector plates!

About Avon Plates

Your gaze lands on your beautiful Avon collectible plates as you enter the house. Sitting on the right is your "Trimming the Tree" plate in light blue and white. Alongside it is your beautiful "The Magic That Santa Brings" plate with a bright red Santa. They bring so much joy to your Christmas season, but shortly after Christmas, you are thankful to put them away and take out your special Avon anniversary plates that your husband has given to over the years to celebrate your February anniversary. During the lean years, your Avon anniversary plate was often the only thing you got, making them even more special. After you put them away, it is time to take out your Avon Mother's Day plates that your children have given you, such as the "Love Comes in All Sizes" plate that your 10-year old carefully saved his pennies to buy all on his own. When it is time to add a new plate to your collection, you simply shop on eBay, where many reputable sellers offer Avon collectible plates in great condition. Making it even easier, they offer a wide variety of shipping options to meet your needs.