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About Avon Dishes

Over the years, quite a few collectible Avon dishes have made it out to the public. Every now and then, the company releases additional collectible dishware, but the larger collections ended years ago. The Cape Cod ruby glass dishes, for example, are no longer produced. Collectors love these vintage Avon dishes because you can often find an entire set at a reasonable price. The Avon candy dishes are also favorites among collectors. Some were produced in glass, some in porcelain, and they occasionally had some sort of holiday message or other special characteristic. Collectors who are interested in Avon dishes often find that there is at least one line of dishware that they prefer. With the wide network of sellers available on eBay, it is possible to find exactly the collectible pieces that you want to add to your collection. If you have not started a collection yet, but have always been interested, you can easily find starter pieces that are perfect for you.