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About Aviator Sunglasses Mirror

If your future is so bright that you have to wear shades, as the cult classic Timbuk3 pop song says, make sure you pick a timeless style that is guaranteed to turn heads anywhere you go. From Hollywood movie stars to Top Gun fighter pilots, a pair of silver mirror aviator sunglasses gives the wearer the instant cool factor and an air of mystery. Large mirror aviator sunglasses adequately cover the entire eye area without impeding peripheral vision, and the slim but sturdy frames sit lightly on the face, a design nod to the pilots who lent the style their name. While aviators have a variety of finishes and lenses available to suit the preference of the wearer, some of the most popular pairs are polarized mirror aviator sunglasses. These glasses offer the reflective surface and ultraviolet light protection that serious pilots need. Reliable sellers offer mirror aviator sunglasses on eBay in a vast array of frame styles and lens types. Select your favorite, pick from the convenient shipping options, and soon you and your glasses will be made in the shade.