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About Aviator Goggles

The aviator goggles pushed up onto the cosplayer's forehead have a long history in the aviation industry. Designed to protect a pilot's or navigator's eyes from wind, bug strikes, and flying debris, the first goggles were probably worn by aviator Charles Manley. Other well-known aviators, including Amelia Earhart, Charles Lindbergh, Charles Kingford Smith, and Bessie Coleman, the country's first licensed Black aviatrix, wore aviator goggles. While a wide variety of aviator goggles exist, the official World War II USAAF B-7 goggles and their replacement, the U.S. Navy and Army AN-6530 goggles, are desirable additions to any collection of antique aviation goggles. The AN-6530 was worn by nearly every member of the WWII flight crews, from the pilots to gunners to observers. Collectors of vintage aviator goggles search the vast inventory on eBay for the latest listings to add to their treasured collections. In addition to antique aviator goggles, reproductions and modern interpretations are available to a variety of enthusiasts, including cosplayers, cybergoth, and steampunk fans, who sport the antique-looking goggles as part of their costumes.

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