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About Avengers

More popular than ever thanks to the Avengers movie, the comic books that follow this group of heroes are a must-have for any comic book collector. The original Avengers were made up of Iron Man, a genius playboy billionaire philanthropist who fights crime in a metal suit; the Hulk, whose exposure to radiation gives him the ability to change into a huge monster; Thor, the god of thunder; Wasp, who has insect wings and can grow incredibly large or shrink to the size of a bug; and finally Ant-Man, who can communicate with ants and shrink to their size. With Avengers comics still in print today, the collector can read about not just the original Avengers, but new teams headed by new leaders as well as alternate realities with the Avengers, so the adventures never end. The easiest way to find the exact comic you want in by shopping on eBay, where thousands of sellers offer many brand-new and gently used products.

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