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About Avatar Costumes

As you stride confidently into the party, heads start to turn as everyone in the room takes in your costume. When you want to make a good impression at a costume party, try wearing an "Avatar" costume. Based on the hit 2009 movie directed by James Cameron, each costume draws on the designs of popular characters. For the ladies, a Neytiri party outfit is a great way to make a winning impression at an event with a science fiction theme. Featuring a skin-tight blue jumpsuit, with a tail and apron, this spandex and polyester costume is easy to move around in. When you combine it with blue heels it looks edgy, or you can stick to flats to further the comfort the polyester offers. Other outfits in the adult "Avatar" costume range include Jake Sulley in his Na'Vi form. Featuring a jacket, black shirt, and facemask, a Sulley costume is ideal for hiding your identity and surprising your friends at a costume party. Little "Avatar" fans can join in with the fun too with kids' "Avatar" costumes available on eBay. Sulley and Neytiri are also available in child sizes, so little ones can dress up as their favorite characters with mom and dad. Whether you want to dress up as Neytiri or you are aiming for another character, donning an "Avatar" costume is a great way to make sure you are the star attraction at any party.