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About Autometers

You were hooked to all things racing after attending your first Indy 500 as a kid. It is the reason you only drive muscle cars and it is also the reason you are considering Auto Meter gauges. Auto Meter makes the kind of digital, analog, and electrical gauges that are right at home in every vehicle from race cars to trucks. A typical Auto Meter gauge set comprises different combinations of gauges intended to measure factors such as boost, fuel level, fuel pressure, oil pressure, nitrous pressure, temperature, speed, and rev. Each gauge set is also designed according to a theme. For example, the cobalt Auto Meter set is made up of gauges that are illuminated with a brilliant blue light. Each design is meant to evoke an aspect of racing culture and they are highly coveted by racing enthusiasts. So, whether you want a retro or contemporary look for your car's instrument cluster, the wide selection of Auto Meter gauges available on eBay is the right place to start your trip down the glory days of motoring history.