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About Autographed Baseballs

To the eight-year-old whose luck put him or her within shouting distance of a home-run king, an autographed baseball is something to covet and cherish long after adulthood has expunged cotton candy and Cracker Jacks from his or her life. An autographed baseball, bat, or card also carries a story, sometimes of what is and what might have been. Take the Mickey Mantle autographed baseball, for example. It really ties into a Willie Mays and a Joe DiMaggio autographed. It was a Mays fly ball that arced between the legendary 'Joltin’ Joe' and his new counter-legend, 'The Mick.' In a near collision with DiMaggio, Mantle sustained an injury that sentenced him to constant knee surgeries. Although he never restored full power and speed to the leg, Mantle proceeded to amass 536 career homers, three Most Valuable Player awards, and the 1956 AL triple crown—best average, most homers and runs batted in. The "what if?" has been mulled, imagined, and spun by pundits, baseball fans, and Mick’s fellow Yankees ever since. This is just one example of how your signed baseball, acquired through eBay’s sellers, is more than memorabilia. It is a chapter of a book on America's pastime.