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About Autographed Baseball Cards

Autographs and baseball cards are the lifeblood of the sports memorabilia universe, but that does not always mean the two go hand in hand. Autographed baseball cards can actually be less valuable than baseball cards that are not signed. This is because the condition of the card is all important to collectors, and anything that detracts from that condition, even a star player's signature decreases the worth of the card. On the other hand, a Hall of Fame player's scrawl across a card with little value can increase its worth considerably. The 1989 Fleer Nolan Ryan autographed baseball card, for example, sells for more than 30 times the price of an unsigned card. Vintage autographed baseball cards can be especially dubious since many were obtained by sending cards through the mail to be signed by star players. Many players, Pete Rose and Willie Mays among them, had team secretaries sign the cards. Joe DiMaggio's sister often scrawled the great Yankee center fielder's signature across cards. In general, autographed baseball cards are only a little more valuable to autograph collectors than a signature on an index card. Whether you are in the market for player autographs, trading cards or signed baseball cards look for eBay dealers who specialize in sports memorabilia.

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