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About Autographs

Almost like fingerprints, autographs have characteristics that are unique to the person to whom they belong. Perhaps that is why people anxiously stand in queues for hours or even days, waiting to get a famous person's signature scribble on a piece of paper. Cut out that unnecessary waiting by browsing for autographed photos and similar memorabilia while looking through the large inventory on eBay. Whether you love the work of author Erik Larson, or want to get a signed picture from Canadian pop superstar Justin Bieber, these are just a couple of examples of choices that are available. Many autographed pieces come with certificates of authenticity, making them great finds for serious collectors. If someone you know aspires to be a professional baseball player, find autographed baseballs that have an athlete's signature inked directly on the tough, white leather. Discover some signed by the likes of Pete Rose and Derek Jeter, among many others. Complement a signed baseball with a baseball card or bat, too. Whether you collect autographs from all kinds of notable folks in pop culture, sports, and media, or just want one from a particular individual, it is possible to find genuine signed pieces to enjoy.