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About Auto Jerseys

If you have a favorite player but simply can’t afford an autographed jersey to put on your wall, consider an auto jersey card instead. Auto jersey cards are matted pieces of the player’s jersey fabric enclosed in a card, which has been autographed by that athlete. They almost always feature a picture of the player and the logo of the team they play for, and will always feature a serial number somewhere on the card if they are authentic. Sports enthusiasts on eBay carry an astounding variety of baseball auto jersey cards and basketball auto jersey cards, in addition to football and soccer player cards, from this season’s players as well as athletes from past teams. Card prices can vary greatly, which is primarily due to how popular the athlete is currently, and how old the jersey card is. Rookie cards in particular are likely to cost more than older players’ cards, and vintage cards of players no longer around to sign merchandise also boost the price. However, when you buy an auto jersey card, you buy a piece of history.

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