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About Auto Darkening Welding Helmet

Sparks fly everywhere when flame touches metal, and with high heat comes blinding light. An auto-darkening welding helmet is just one of the many necessary safety pieces for welders. Welding helmets protect the neck, face, and eyes from heat, UV light, and flash burns. Covering the eyes is especially necessary, as arc welding can cause inflamed corneas and retina burns. Speedglas auto-darkening welding helmets were the first to burst onto the scene. The lenses darken automatically when bright arcs are present, freeing the welder's hands from manually lowering the eye shield when ready to weld. Other companies followed suit, and consumers can choose from Jackson and Miller auto-darkening welding helmets in different shapes and designs with various features, such as digital controls and variable shades. Because welding involves intense heat and sparks, any cracks or other signs of damage are cause for concern, and faulty helmets need immediate replacing. The vast inventory on eBay makes it easy to find the right auto-darkening welding helmet with the features you need.