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About Austin Healey Sprite

Announced in Monte Carlo in 1958, the two-door Austin-Healey Sprite roadster enjoyed a 13-year production run that ended in 1971. With more than 129,000 Sprites produced, this sporty, open roadster was the average driver's sports car. Powered by a tuned Austin A-Series 948cc engine churning out 43 horsepower, the Sprite uses existing parts from other cars to keep it as affordable as possible. The first generation, the Mark I, features a curved and stretched hood, raised bug-eye headlights, and an oval front grille. Access the rounded trunk by folding the setbacks down — Austin-Healey passed on installing a trunk lid in favor of a stronger structure. Produced from 1961-1964, the Austin-Healey Sprite Mark II features a square body and sports a 948cc engine or 1098cc engine depending on the year. Produced from 1964-1966, the Mark III, manufactured from 1966-1971, features an upgrade with the 1275cc engine and a permanent convertible top. You can dress yours up with original wire Austin-Healey Sprite wheels for an authentic British racing style. Browse the vast inventory on eBay for these easy-to-maintain roadsters, as well as Austin-Healey Sprite parts to keep your car on the road.