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About Audio Interfaces

After spending a great deal of time purchasing your MIDI keyboard, microphone, and assorted stands and cables, you realize that this alone is not enough to record music on your computer. If you are wondering what is missing, it is an audio interface. An audio interface is what allows you to connect all of your input devices to your computer, and also allows you to do some physical balancing and leveling of the various sounds. The vast majority of high-end input devices, including microphones, do not have connectors that can attach to your computer; instead, they must be attached to a USB audio interface, which in turn connects to your computer's USB port. You can find a huge inventory of interfaces on eBay, available from one of many reliable sellers. If you are looking to get into the music-making business, an audio recording interface is absolutely essential for any type of home recording. Pick one up and start creating your tunes.

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