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About Audi Key

With a sigh of relief, you grab the Audi car key from under the pile of mail, where it was hiding for the past hour. Without the key, you obviously cannot unlock the car or start the ignition. Like most modern cars, an Audi key contains a tiny transponder chip that the ignition system reads before allowing the car to start. If you lose your key, a cut key replacement is necessary to fit the door locks and ignition, then the Audi dealer or a locksmith must electronically match the chip to the car, and finally the fob must sync to the vehicle's system. While Audi flip keys are available as spare keys, you must also have them matched to the car's ignition system so the car starts when you turn the key. Whether you need a new fob or a blank to replace an Audi R8 key or other Audi car key, the vast inventory found on eBay allows you to search for the exact key needed for your model and year. Once you have a new key programmed, you can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing that with a spare key you can be on your way without another hour-long search for your missing car keys.